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Kaleido Sniper

Kaleido Sniper Coffee Roaster Heating Tube Set (2 included)

Kaleido Sniper Coffee Roaster Heating Tube Set (2 included)

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With unique penetration performance and rapid heating capacity, carbon fiber infrared heating tube achieves an innovative breakthrough of low energy consumption and high thermal energy.

Accessories for the Kaleido Sniper Coffee Roaster


304 Stainless Steel, Carbon fiber

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45*25*36 cm

17.7" * 9.8" * 14.2"


Input Voltage: AC 110V-230V

Output Voltage: DC 12V 800W

Optimum Capacity: 50g-400g

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  • Kaleido Sniper M2 Electric Heating Coffee Roaster

    Fresh coffee beans are the ultimate soul of any coffee drink.

    Kaleido Sniper M2 was born to bridge the gap between novices and baristas, making the joy of roasting accessible to everyone and enhancing the coffee experience.

    Whether you are looking for a small home model or a medium-sized commercial model, you will find the right roaster in Kaleido.

  • Free Shipping & Hassle-Free Customs

    Kaleido provide one-stop service, no need to worry about any shipping and customs issues

    One Year Warranty

    For any quality-related issues, we provide one year warranty with replacement.

    Life-time Customer Service

    If you have any issues with Kaleido, please kindly give us a chance to address your concern. Our global customer service team always stands behind you and our products. We value every chance to help our customers and promise we will reply to you within 24 hours.

  • Carbon Fiber Heating Tube * 2

    The carbon fiber infrared heat pipe makes internal drum heat up quickly to ensure that coffee beans are heated evenly. The package comes with 2 heating tubes to cope with daily damage or higher power demand.

  • Flexible Steel Pillar & Drum

    High speed drum makes even heating and every independent steel pillar rotates on its own, which helps separate pulp from chaff thoroughly.

  • Precise Temperature Probe

    The air and bean temperatures are measured separately by two precise probes in real time, ensuring precise control of the beans within the exact parameters.

  • Kaleido system Operation

    The temperature curve will record every taste you like. The semi-automated Operation panel allows you to indulge and roast the beans at your own pace.

  • Effective Cooling Fans

    The Kaleido Sniper M2 features a concealed design and independent cooling system with 2 cooling fans behind the bean storage, which cools the roasted beans in 2-3 minutes.

  • Chaff Collective Drawer

    The automatic collective system makes beans pure and effectively avoids the accumulation of chaff dirt clogging.